HOBOmobile lost all stored data files

I'm using UX100 with iPhone app HOBOmobile. It was running fine since more than 1 year, I stored several data files locally on HOBOmobile app. Yesterday, HOBOmobile got updated to v2.0, and all my data files disappeared from the app. Further more, today I can download data from UX100, but when closing the app and launching again, the data is not stored on the app.
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What do I do wrong ? Is it a bug from HOBOmobile app ? How to restore my saved data files in the app ? Thanks for your help.
sorry, device is actually MX1101.
This just happened to me as well. I have iPhone 8, and have been using MX2501 and temp loggers.
Another update of the app today , to v2.0.1 and everything is back to normal ! it was an app bug indeed...

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