Hobo U30 Power Source

Hello - We will be deploying our Hobo U30 logger in the high Arctic. I was able to have our system run at ~69N latitude from October to January without any re-charging in a previous year, but this coming season we will be deploying it at ~80 degrees latitude, and need the system to run from October to April, which also coincides with the period of complete darkness, so re-charging is not an option. The 4V 10AH battery is not going to cut it for this long, and at the extreme low temps. In the lab I have run the U30 off a 6V battery (unhooked power cables from 4V and plugged the logger into a small 6V), and it ran no problem. Are there any concerns with us making a wiring harness to run the logger direct off a large 6V gold-cart style battery? Or do we need to connect the 6V battery into the charging port? I have also noted that the 6W solar panel that came with our U30 weather station has 10.3V outputting from it in direct sunlight. So I assume the onboard charging unit steps this down? Thanks in advance.

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