HOBO U23-001 / Launch Error

Hallo, I'm using some Pro v2 temp/RH-loggers (U23-001) for a scientific experiment here in Germany. Unfortunately, one of the devices gives me some error messages. When trying to launch the logger it appears "Read Header Failed / The logger header is corrupt or blank and needs to be initialized to default values…". I accept the message and the settings for launching appears. I press "Start" but it gives me again an error message "Could not write data to the device". Even when trying to access the status of the device it says "Reading the logger header failed. There was a communication failure or a bad header format." I also already tried the forced offload but it didn't help either. The device does not show any obvious damage. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Many thanks! Daniel

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Hi Dani82. Thanks for the post. I have seen this before and it is normally due to either a corrupt header in the logger or a loose optic connection. There are a couple things to try
1. check the coupler for the base station or shuttle, make sure it is as tight as possible.
2. try another computer. Once it is launched it should work for all.
3. delete the HID device driver on you PC when the device is attached, reattach and try again. Similar to number 2 above, the re-enumeration of the device will sometimes get you past this error.

If you need help with any of these or you are still experiencing problems, contact our Tech support group. www.onsetcomp.com/support/contact

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