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Hello Onset, I think it would be interesting a script to pickup the latest data from Hobolink sent from rx3000 just to build a personal web page in a custom web site. Maybe you could make a simple php script with s/n and Key to get the latest data in XML format, or you can send via FTP a simply csv file with the same file name ( without date and time suffix to overvrite ). Thank you for your attention. Alberto
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Thank you for the quick reply, I know the procedure described but it is hard to understand for me who have not very experienced as a programmer. Perhaps you can send me a script to read my data ? Regards

Thank you for your response.
This feature enables the user to write their own code to get the data from HOBOlink.
You can also use the embedded HOBOlink data delivery service to send data automatically to an email address or FTP site in Excel or .CSV file format.
We currently do not provide written scripts to customers. Perhaps you can find someone locally to help you with this programming effort.

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