Freezing Water Temps

When downloading data from hobo UA-002-08 used for stream temperature readings, I noticed that some of my loggers appeared to not read below zero celcius. They would show multiple readings in a row of the same temp (i.e. 0.01 or 0.121 celsius), but never drop below 0. In some cases, there would be no variation in data for multiple days in a row. Would this be due to solid ice in the streams or an error with the logger? These are very variable mountain streams that typically show spikes in daily/nightly water temps. I believe this model is rated to -20 celsius.
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Hi Hbranz. Thanks for the post. I think you're right about the solid ice, especially if the loggers recover and operate normally after readout. Often we recommend an "ice bath" test to achieve the same result for accuracy testing. The idea is to make an ice slurry to get a flat 0 reference point for the logger to read. In this case, it sounds like nature did it for you :) I hope this helps.

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