Feeding HOBO Weather Station Data to CWOP

How can a HOBO Weather Station user (RX3003) provide data from a station to the Citizen Weather Observer Program? This program feeds data into NOAA and other meteorological organizations. Since the HOBO stations are high end, it seems to be a natural fit to facilitate wider use of the quality data that they collect. Other, lower-cost stations can do it, but I cannot determine how to do it with the RX3003.

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Currently we do not provide a direct link to upload data to the CWOP. I have submitted this to the product development team as a new product request. I do not know whether or not an API could be developed to accomplish this but they will have a better idea once they explore this further. I have provided your email to the team, so if and when any work begins towards this, they will reach out to you directly. In the meantime, feel free to contact the sales team at sales@onsetcomp[.com to discuss any opportunities that may depend on this capability...a sure way to raise it on the product development priority list.
Good luck!

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