extracting low and high temps of the day

My son is using the Hobo pendants to log water temp reading once a day for 6 months so there are about 4500 readings for each of his loggers. Is there a way to highlight, extract, plot, export, etc the low and high temp from each day to create a chart showing low and high water temps for each day over the 6 months without doing all this manually. He has 6 active loggers so that would be nearly 27,000 reading to go through. Any help/advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sinop

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Hi Sinop, Never used a pendant before, but assume you can export data just like you would with Hobo Stowaways or Water Temp Pro data loggers? That is, export data to Excel and run Dmax and Dmin functions on imported database using date criteria to show max and min for a particular day.
Howdy and thanks for the reply. Yes you are correct, can export to Excel, etc.... Problem I had with DMax and DMin was I could not find a way to have those 2 funcitons execute for each day without manually typing them in. That would mean entering DMAX and DMIN a combined 360 + times for each spreadsheet x 6 for 6 loggers... x 6 for 6 years so far.... I searched for a solution for days with no luck, hence my post here. Thanks again, Sinop

HOBOware will allow you to create new series on the graph that reflect daily min, max or averages. Simply select the data series in the graph, right click, and select "Filter Series". There you can create as many additional series as you need that will only show the min, max or average for the time frame you select! If you have any difficulty with this, or any additional questions, please contact the tech support team via the link below. Good luck!
Please submit a support case by clicking here.

Thanks for the response can we do that with the regular Hoboware program or do we need Hoboware Pro? Thanks again

This feature is available in both the free and Pro versions of HOBOware.

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