I am trying to export a CSV, but also need to import the CSV after modifications. An exported CSV will not reopen in HOBOware due to "header" errors and a forum post said you need to export as a HOBOware CSV. How do you export as a HOBOware CSV instead of a generic CSV? Is there a way to export CSVs that will open in HOBOware without modifying headers (seems like this would be the default, but it is not).
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Hi Wvdirtboy. If you are exporting from HOBOlink (cloud service for MX and RX loggers) then it is true that you need to use the HOBOware csv export format to import to HOBOware. But if you are exporting from HOBOware with the intent to import later there is no option like that. However there is an easy way. In your HOBOware prefs, (file / preferences / general / export settings), select "use classic export settings." if you choose this, your export format will surely be proper for import as well.

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