"Error encountered in processing for linear scaling data"

I have an Pendant event logger. The status light on the logger is blinking, indicating it is logging data and fucntioning. When I attempt to check the status or read out the data using a waterproof shuttle and Hoboware 3.7.10, I get an communication error message stating "Error encountered in processing for linear scaling data". I can select the logger from the 'select a device' box, so I do know that it is at least recognizing the device. Has anyone ever seen this error, and what could be the cause?
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Thanks for the forum post and sorry for the issue.
This is caused by a corrupt file header. There is a video on our website that describes what this is and how to get your data off of your device.

Once offloaded, please send the file to Onset and we will repair it for you.

Hello, I have the same error "Error encountered in processing for linear scaling data". I have watched the video and offloaded the data. But now I'm stuck. How to proceed to contact you? It seems that the contact web page has been changed, there is no "Tech support". Moreover, will you be able to revive the logger? How this will work after correcting the header of the file? Thanks for clarification! Norbert

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