End-of-life for digital humidity sensors SHT75 and SHT15

We are using the U12-013 and the U23-002 for several student and research projects. For a higher measurement accuracy we need to change the relative humidity sensors every now and again. The U12-013 uses a SHT75 and the U23-002 uses a SHT15 which will both reach end-of-life this year. https://www.sensirion.com/en/environmental-sensors/humidity-sensors/pintype-digital-humidity-sensors/ https://www.sensirion.com/en/environmental-sensors/humidity-sensors/digital-humidity-sensors-for-accurate-measurements/. Is there any solution for a new sensor model? Sincerely, Tobias

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We have made last time buys of both sensors, and anticipate having enough stock to last for some time. At some point we will run out and you will have to look at the newer products, but we have tried to anticipate demand to have stock for a while. To discuss the other options we have from the newer products, feel free to contact sales@onsetcomp.com.

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