"Don't stop" vs. merging files in HoboWare Pro

I'll soon be deploying several U12-012 data loggers in archives storage areas. The goal is to get a year's worth of data to see seasonal changes in temperature and relative humidity, so being able to see and analyze a year's worth of data in HoboWare Pro is important. I would probably choose a logging interval that would produce a logging duration of more than one year. Can anyone comment on the relative merits of choosing "Don't stop" during data readout vs. stopping during readout and then merging files for viewing?
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The "Offload while logging"(Don't stop) feature maintains one datafile on the logger, but lets you periodically offload the data, at any point, and as often as you need to, during the deployment. When the year is up, your last download would be data from the entire year, which sounds like what you want. Memory on the logger is dependent on the number of channels used. If you are using all 4 channels, hourly intervals will give you 1.2 years before the logger fills its memory. If using 3 channels you could log every 40 minutes for 1.1 year. There appears to be no benefit to you of stopping the logger and restarting it each time, as the offload while logging feature would give you the same datafiles with less "clicks", while still maintaining the integrity of a single, one-year datafile. Feel free to give me a call at 508-743-3141 to discuss further, if needed.

Thanks Gregg. Looks like "Offload while logging" is the best bet.

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