Direct accesso to PAR Sensor S-LIA-M003

Hi There. I just purchased a PAR sensor S-LIA-M003. I need to connect it to our custom IoT box (in progress) and I was looking for technical datasheet or resources in order to find out how to interface to it and nothing came up Does anyone know how to physically interface to the RJ45 socket and the protocol used in this sensor? Thank you!
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We don't support custom integrations of our smart sensors...they are specifically designed to be used with our loggers and we don't have the engineering resources to support other use models. Have you discussed your application with our sales team? They may have some options for you. Please reach out to Good luck!

I already received the same reply from our local distributor here in Spain and I ended up returning the item... Im looking for a product in this price range that I can integrate with my own devices Thanks

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