Did I really just lose all my data on the shuttle?

We had non-offloaded data on our shuttle, and then had to launch a new probe while in the field. It said it connected to the probe, and immediately after we launched the new probe, we discovered the shuttle was empty.. oh crap. There was no warning window that popped up in the software that said "do you really want to do this, you will erase all your data that isn't offloaded". nothing. Had we known we could have easily offloaded our files. Is there any way to recover our files??
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Thanks for the post and sorry for the issue at hand.
Using the shuttle does not erase data. Only manually removing data files in the Shuttle Management screen in HOBOware Pro or re-launching the shuttle does this and you are indeed prompted by the software to be sure if you wish to perform this function.
You can force-offload the memory of the shuttle and send the result to us so we can attempt to pull out the data for you.(Device, Utilities, Force Offload Shuttle)
Please complete the attached form and we will get this done for you.
Please submit a support case by clicking here.

really?! that's fantastic. Once we get in, we will try

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