Daylight Savings Time during export?

I am working with Hobo water level loggers and Hoboware Pro. I am located in an area which has daylight savings time during part of the year. When I readout the data and export into either Excel or CSV, the data automatically includes daylight savings time. This means that somewhere within my data, there are two date cells with the exact same date and time. When I try to import my data into an advanced database system, this leads to an error because of the overlapping date/time. I then have to go into my excel files, find the conflicting cells and modify half of the times OR remove a data point (both are poor practices). Based on research I am assuming that this automatic inclusion of DST is a result of the shuttle syncing with my computer's time. Is there a way to prevent this in the future? The advanced database system that I use my hobo data for does not take DST into account so I need the data to disregard it when syncing with my computer. It is a poor use of time to have to go in an fix the same date/time issue repeatedly...

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We may be able to help you get around this. It could be HOBOware settings, or from the loggers being launched in separate in daylight savings and one not..., but your best course of action is to open a tech support case by clicking on the link below. I'm not sure if the shuttle is contributing, but the pros in tech support will be able to help figure this out. They will likely ask you to send the datafiles in question for review. Good luck!

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

I originally set the time zone and had the same problem of being an hour off for the daylight time. I contacted Onset and was advised to go with the time zone - hrs GMT. Scroll down the timezone list to the bottom and select the zone and offset.
When setting the time zone, scroll to the bottom of the list and look for your timezone and the appropriate offset from GMT.

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