data read through UART and transmission

Do you have a sensor that can read the temperature and humidity through the serial port in real-time?
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Thank you for the product suggestion.
Currently we do not.
This has been added as a new product request and will be considered for future product development.

If you would like to be contacted for this request in the future, please fill out our form here.

I have used HOBO for Temperature and RH measurement in the textile, but when I transported to my PC the temperature and dew point displayed properly but the %RH column displayed -1.6 for all time of the 15 measurement days. Cant it be corrected the %RH value? Please help me. With regards,

Dew Point is a derived measurement that uses the temperature and RH for its calculation. If the RH measurement is off as you posted, there is no way that the dew point could be correct. Please contact our tech support department via the link below for help.
[--support form referral link--

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