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Can I check temperature loggers like UX100-011 and CX402-TxM can we do offset after calibration?

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Onset loggers are built using precision components. We do not allow adjustment of any calibration offset in Onset software. This is important as typically temperature accuracy is not linear, so the offset would likely change based on the temperature range being recorded. It is also important from a data integrity standpoint. We have a robust quality process, and we stand behind the stated accuracy of our devices. If a device is found to be out of spec (and still within its warranty period), we would replace it. Offset at any particular temperature can be managed in Excel after export of the data, but not within Onset software.
If you have any further questions about the accuracy of your particular devices, please feel free to click the link below to open a case with our tech support department.

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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