Correcting salinity data

Is there a way to correct data after the use of a wrongly calibrated U24 logger using hoboware? I have some correct datapoints from another device. I used the U24 in a couple of marine environments. Afterwards I used hoboware to calculate the salinity. This is however much lower than expected (~16ppt) and it decreases over time (days) without effect of the tide or other environmental factors. I did use high conductivity level to calculate the salinity as it is a marine environment. I think the logger was not calibrated correctly? I do have some datapoints of the same marine environments using a refractometer. Is there a way to correct the loggerdata using those datapoints?
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Hi Peter. Thanks for the post, good question. Once the data has been processes through HOBOware data assistants, there is no way to undo the calculations. However, you could reprocess the original .hobo file with the correct calibration points. As for the loggers condition and calibration, I cant say without reviewing the data and knowing the application. That said, if you feel the logger may be out, we have a tune up service for the U24 series loggers. After the service, the logger should operate as new. However i would reprocess the files prior to sending the loggers in.

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