Connection of the RX3002 Workstation to Wi-Fi networks

The Wi-Fi networks of various organizations require USER NAME and PASSWORD for authentification. The RX3002 Remote Monitoring Workstation does not support this authentification method. Any suggestions how to connect to those networks anyway?
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Thanks for the forum post.

There is no way to use the RX3000 for these types of networks. The RX3000 requires unfettered, bidirectional access to the network at each connection interval.
For these types of applications, the 3G RX3000 should be used.

If by "USER NAME" you mean network name (SSID) and if by "PASSWORD" you mean security key, that should work and is covered in Wi-Fi setup on the right side of page 7 in the RX3000 manual at the link below. Beyond the standard secure wifi network authentication, any extra layer of authentication (like those found at various hotels requiring room number and last name, etc...) likely won't work because there are too many variations. If that wifi network does in fact have an extra layer, and if you have to use that WiFi network, you could consider asking your system administrator if they could provide you with an SSID and network key that doesn't require entering that extra layer, or have them enter it for you to get the RX3000 on that network. Good luck. Manual:
This blows. Almost every secure network in use commercially, or corporate enterprise, requires user name and password to authenticate. The RX3000 is thus rendered useless.

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