"Can't parse" data file

I am trying to use a barometric pressure file collected from a non-HOBO data logger to calibrate a data file collected by the HOBO water level logger. I have followed all the instructions for formatting the file correctly and successfully used one of the files for calibration. But when I try and do exactly the same thing for the next file i have it doesn't work and I get an error stating that HOBOware Pro cannot "parse" my text file and asking me to check that my file is in the correct format. As far as I can tell it's in an identical format to the file that worked so I can't quite understand what's wrong. Any ideas?

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One thing to try is carefully reviewing the txt file for any missing data or blank lines. Any gap in the data will present a problem for HOBOware. If you do not see any gaps, please contact our tech support team via the link below. We may be able to see what the issue is and help you from here.

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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