Cannot connect to a HOBO Pendant® MX Water Temperature Data Logger

I have troubles reading one of my MX loggers out: it is detected by the phone, but when trying to connect to it it fails, with the error code 1010 ("the connection attempt to the device timed out"). I have never had this problem before. Is there another way to get the data?

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Thanks for the post. These type of errors are tough because there are so many mobile devices out there but there are a couple things to try: reboot your phone, toggle bluetooth, toggle wifi. try using air plane mode but manually turn on blue tooth. If that doesn't help, you can download our new HOBOconnect app from the App or Play store. that is assuming that you are using HOBOmobile.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I have tried all the solutions you mentionned but it does not help... I can detect the device, but the connection fails. I do not think that it comes from the phone, I have tried with two other ones and get the same results, and I have had no troubles with the other MX loggers I am using.

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