I see that your MX products use something called BLE or Bluetooth Smart to communicate. Is this different than just Bluetooth? Can I use my laptop to communicate with MX loggers?
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Thank you for your question.
Classic Bluetooth (the kind you use to stream music to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers) and BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth Smart) are both part of the same Bluetooth 4.0 protocol but operate differently from each other.
Classic Bluetooth master devices need to be “Paired” with their slave devices so the master needs to be set to “Scan” and the slave to “Discover-able” in order for them to establish communications.
BLE technology is designed to handle small, episodic packets of data. BLE devices (like our MX loggers) continuously advertise their presence once powered-up. These devices will be detected by any master device (like your smart phone) that is scanning within range. Thus we can use this technology to connect with, configure, launch, offload and share data from our MX loggers using a very small amount of power. Keep in mind that BLE does not support live "streaming" of data.
Some new PCs these days support BLE however we currently do not offer a desktop application that supports this technology.
Your inquiry has been added as a new product request and will be considered for future product development.

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Happy logging!

I have been using SensorPush devices with some success. Just took delivery of my (first) MX1101 and it's looking great. I would very much like to see Hoboware support BLE devices (MX1101 and the like), the sooner the better.

We also recognize this need and are actively looking at options. I'll submit this as a new product request on your behalf. If and when we have Bluetooth logger compatible HOBOware, we will reach out to you directly. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you need!

I would like to read out the bluetooth loggers to my pc with hoboware as well.
I'd like to be able to connect, and utilize the data directly from my PC too. I really hope this is on a to-do list :)

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