BLE Support on Hoboware (Windows, etc)

Would really appreciate if there could be a Windows based software solution to talk to the HOBO devices. We assumed it was possible with HOBO ware, but found out we basically have to use our Android or Apple Cell phones to gather field data, not good. I see some requests from prior, is there any support being built, or can an SDK get released to allow users to make this? Even porting over the Android or Apple interface to a Windows Universal App would be a huge help vs. no support.

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We are with you. We have quite a bit of development time on working with Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0/5.0) on the Windows platform to work with our MX Bluetooth loggers. At this point the Windows drivers are lacking the capabilities to keep and maintain a stable Bluetooth connection to offload data and configure the logger. We hope to have a solution in 2020 however we don’t have a specific time frame. I hope this helps, keep checking in with us on this topic!

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