BASE-U-4 Status light blinking and can't communicate with U22

I have a few U22s from which I can't download data. The status light on BASE-U-4 blinks continuously and HOBOware cannot find it. I looked through the manuals for BASE-U-4 and U22 but I didn't find explanations or solutions (very possible that I missed it...). Thanks for your help!

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Hi Tomo. It sounds like the batteries in those loggers are on their last legs. There are a couple things to try but in most cases they have to come back for data back service.

1. make sure the optic window is clean
2. buff out any scratches on the optic window
3. (long shot) toss the loggers in the freezer for an hour or so to try to stimulate the battery. Then try to offload again.

If that doesn't help, contact the support folks for data back service.

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