Analyzing imported Water Temp Pro data in Excel

I imported a .csv file from a Water Temp Pro logger into Excel. When I run the Dmax function on the summer-long database to identify peak water temp on a particular DAY, the value returned is the peak temp for the ENTIRE database. I have run this function on dozens of databases and this is the only time peak temp for the entire database is returned. Apparently Excel is not recognizing the criteria callout (date in this case) within the function. How do I get Excel to run the function properly? Thanks, Loose

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It may be easier for you to use HOBware's ability to create a filtered series. With the data showing on the graph, select (highlight) the series, right click, then select "Filter Series" you can choose from min, max or average. This will create an additional series that reflects only the filtered data. This can also be exported from HOBOware.
Good luck! If you have any difficulty using this feature or any HOBOware feature, please click on the link below to open a tech support case.
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Thanks Gregg. I'll learn how to take advantage of HoboWare's software. I fixed my Excel problem. Turns out I had to delete the database header imported from Hoboware (in this case, Date) and retype "Date" in Excel so it matched the criteria header. Although they were identical on screen in appearance and format, apparently the imported "Date" looked differently to Excel behind the scenes? Anyway, Dmax function works normally after making that simple change.
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I have forwarded this question to the sales department. Please feel free to contact them directly at There are several option we can discuss.

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