Abnormally High Pressure Reading

I’ve purchased six of the pressure data loggers for monitoring wells to study seasonal high-water table. Each of the wells appeared to be functioning properly for about a mouth in. I received an error “fail” light on my hobo shuttle while trying to download one of the well/loggers. Unfortunately, that logger was a lost cause and my company had to return it to get a new one. All other loggers appeared to be functioning and reading the datum each cycle appropriately. It was insured that each cap was seated appropriately following each logger’s deployment. Once bring all the wells/loggers in following our evaluation (which was three months) three more wells (not including the one that had already failed) showed abnormally high readings, one month into the evaluation. Some of these reading absolute pressure were as high as 30 psi, normal psi for these wells shows around 15 psi. After using the barometric compensation tool and calibrating the data based on the first month of good data, water tables depths began to shift from a few feet under the ground surface to show that water would have been 25-40 feet above the ground surface. Also, this datum shift happed in the middle of the cycle and was not when the loggers were being read. Is there any way to combat this issue or is the data corrupt?

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