Battery Replacement

Product # Product Name Battery Price Battery
Part Number
Quantity per Package
U12-015 U12 Stainless Temp Logger Factory Replacement Only *
U12-015-02 U12 Stainless 5" ProbeTemp Logger Factory Replacement Only *
U20-001-01 HOBO Water Level Logger Factory Replacement Only *
U20-001-01-Ti HOBO Water Level Logger (0 - 30ft) Titanium Factory Replacement Only *
U20-001-02 HOBO Water Level Logger (0 - 100 ft) Factory Replacement Only *
U20-001-03 HOBO Water Level Logger (0 - 250 ft) Factory Replacement Only *
U20-001-04 HOBO Water Level Logger (0 - 13 ft) Factory Replacement Only *
U20-001-04-Ti HOBO Water Level Logger (0 - 13 ft) Titanium Factory Replacement Only *
U22-001 HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 Factory Replacement Only *
U24-001 HOBO Conductivity Logger Factory Replacement Only *
U26-001 HOBO DO Logger Factory Replacement Only *
H01-001-01 2K HOBO Temperature logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H06-001-02 HOBO State logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H06-002-02 HOBO Light on/off logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H06-003-02 HOBO Motor on/off logger with vibration sensor HRB-TEMP-1 5
H06-004-02 HOBO Motor on/off logger with AC-field sensor HRB-TEMP-1 5
H07-002-04 HOBO Event Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-001-02 8K HOBO Temp logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-002-02 8K HOBO Temp/External logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-003-02 8K HOBO RH/Temp logger (2-channel), HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-004-02 8K HOBO RH/Temp/Light/External logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-006-04 32K HOBO H8 4-Channel External logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-007-02 8K HOBO RH/Temp/2x External logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-008-04 32K HOBO H8 Outdoor/Industrial 4-Channel Ex. Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H08-030-08 HOBO Pro Temp (single channel), HP-B 1
H08-031-08 HOBO Pro Temp/Temp External (2-channel), HP-B 1
H08-032-08 HOBO Pro RH/Temp (2-channel), HP-B 1
H11-001 HOBO Carbon Monoxide Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H12-001 HOBO Type J Thermocouple Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H12-002 HOBO Type K Thermocouple Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H12-003 HOBO Type T Thermocouple Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
H21-001 HOBO Weather Station Data Logger 4 AA  
H21-002 HOBO Micro Station HWSB-LI 4
HLI 2K HOBO Light Intensity Logger HRB 10
HPA-0015 2K HOBO Pressure logger HRB 10
HRH 2K HOBO Relative Humidity Logger HRB 10
RG2 Data Logging Rain Gauge HRB-TEMP-1 5
RG2-M Data Logging Rain Gauge (metric version) HRB-TEMP-1 5
RG3 RG3 Data Logging Rain Gauge (English) HRB-TEMP-1 5
RG3-M RG3-M Data Logging Rain Gauge (Metric) HRB-TEMP-1 5
RX3000 Remote Monitoring System HRB-U30-S100 1
SLA08 8K StowAway Light Intensity logger HRB 10
U10-001 HOBO U10 Temp Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
U10-003 HOBO U10 Temp/RH Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
U11-001 HOBO 3-State/1-Event logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-001 HOBO U12 Temp HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-006 HOBO U12 4 External Channels HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-008 HOBO U12 4-Channel Outdoor/Industrial Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-011 HOBO U12 Temp RH HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-012 HOBO U12 Temp/RH/Light/External Channels HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-013 HOBO U12 Temp/RH/2Ext Channels HRB-TEMP-1 5
U12-014 U12 Thermocouple Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
U23-001 HOBO Pro v2 Temp/RH HP-B 1
U23-002 HOBO Pro v2 Ext Temp/RH HP-B 1
U23-003 HOBO Pro v2 2xExt Temp HP-B 1
U23-004 HOBO Pro v2 Temp / Ext Temp HP-B 1
U30-ETH U30 Ethernet HRB-U30-S100 1
U30-GSM U30 Cellular HRB-U30-S100 1
U30-NRC U30 USB (no remote) HRB-U30-S100 1
U30-WIF U30 Wi-Fi HRB-U30-S100 1
U9-001 HOBO U9 State (w/ cable & magnet) HRB-TEMP-1 5
U9-002 HOBO U9 Light on/off HRB-TEMP-1 5
U9-004 HOBO U9 Motor on/off HRB-TEMP-1 5
UA-001-08 HOBO Pendant Temp w/alarm - 8K memory HRB-TEMP-1 5
UA-001-64 HOBO Pendant Temp w/alarm - 64K memory HRB-TEMP-1 5
UA-002-08 HOBO Pendant Temp w/light - 8K memory HRB-TEMP-1 5
UA-002-64 HOBO Pendant Temp w/light - 64K memory HRB-TEMP-1 5
UA-003-64 HOBO Pendant Event HRB-TEMP-1 5
UA-004-64 HOBO Pendant G HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX90-001(M) HOBO UX90 State Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX90-002(M) HOBO UX90 Light On/Off Data Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX90-004(M) HOBO UX90 Motor On/Off Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX90-005(M) HOBO UX90 Room Occupancy/Light Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX90-006(M) HOBO UX90 Occupancy/Light Logger HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX100-001 HOBO UX100 Temperature Data Logger - UX100-001 HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX100-003 HOBO UX100 Temp/RH 3.5% Data Logger - UX100-003 HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX100-011 HOBO UX100 Temp/RH 2.5% Data Logger - UX100-011 HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX100-014M HOBO UX100 Type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N Thermocouple - UX100-014M HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX100-023 HOBO UX100 External Temp/RH Data Logger - UX100-023 HRB-TEMP-1 5
UX120-006M HOBO UX120 4-Channel Analog Data Logger 2 AAA  
UX120-017(M) HOBO 4-Channel Pulse Data Logger 2 AA  
W-TMB HOBOnode wireless temp HRB-LI-AAA 2
W-SMC HOBOnode wireless soil HRB-LI-AAA 2
W-RCVR-USB HOBOnode receiver HRB-LI-AAA 2
XTI132-39+122 8K StowAway temp logger HRB 10
ZW-001 Temperature Data Node 3 AAA  
ZW-003 Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) 3 AAA  
ZW-005 Four-Channel Data Node 3 AAA  
ZW-006 Four Analog Port Data Node 3 AAA  
ZW-007 Two External Channel Data Node 3 AAA  
ZW-008 Four External Channel Data Node 3 AAA  
ZW-RCVR HOBO Data Receiver 3 AAA  
ZW-ROUTER HOBO Data Router 3 AAA  

*For "Factory Replacement Only" items - please obtain an RMA number by calling technical support at 1-800-564-4377, or via e-mail -