Stream Temperature Monitoring

The Challenge:
HOBO data loggers are used to monitor stream temperatures.

HOBO data loggers are used extensively to monitor stream temperatures to ensure they remain suitable for fish and other aquatic species. By deploying data loggers at multiple locations in streams, it is possible to identify factors contributing to stream temperature increases, and hopefully take appropriate measures before there is damage to the ecosystem.

When deploying HOBO water temperature loggers, it is important that they be mounted securely so they do not get washed away during high-flow events. At the same time it is often desirable to mount them so that they can be read out during deployment.

Stream Monitoring

Mounting considerations:

  • Choose a location with good water mixing, such as in riffles; avoid stagnant water unless that is what is being studied.
  • Be sure the sensor will remain completely submerged.
  • To avoid solar heating of the temperature sensor, it should either be shaded (such as by canopy cover), or sufficiently deep in the water.
  • The sensor should not touch the bottom or any other large thermal mass.
  • The communications end of the logger should be free so the logger can be read out while deployed.
  • Be sure to mark the location in some way so that you will be able to find the water temperature logger.

Configure Solution

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Water Temperature Pro v2
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HOBO® Waterproof Shuttle
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