Application Solutions

  • Boiler Efficiency Monitoring Kit
    A kit for monitoring boilers as well as solar hot water heaters.
  • Building Drydown Monitoring
    Monitoring the moisture content before and during a building drydown project.
  • Chiller Efficiency Monitoring
    How efficient is your chiller operating?
  • Frost Alarm & Irrigation Management
    Reduce irrigation costs and automate irrigation during frost events.
  • IAQ Monitoring
    Indoor air problems can be identified and possibly prevented with the help of low cost data loggers and sensors.
  • IEQ Monitoring Kit
    A kit ideal for monitoring indoor environmental quality.
  • LEED Existing Building Performance M & V
    Substantiating “before” and “after” performance measurements for LEED-Existing Buildings projects.
  • Motor Runtime Monitoring
    Electric motor driven equipment typically accounts for the majority of an industrial operation's energy usage.
  • Power Logging System
    Provides a comprehensive energy and power monitoring solution.
  • PV System Monitoring
    DC input power and AC output power can be recorded on a PV system to provide data for system efficiency analysis.
  • Rooftop HVAC Monitoring Kit
    A kit ideal for monitoring rooftop HVAC systems.
  • Soil Monitoring
    A soil monitoring station provides an easy and cost-effective solution for logging temperature and soil moisture.
  • Stream Temperature Monitoring
    HOBO data loggers are used to monitor stream temperatures.
  • Water Level Monitoring
    Monitoring changing water levels.
  • Weather Station Kits
  • Wind Monitoring
    The HOBO Micro Station is ideal for recording site wind data.