The HOBO MX2300 product line of weatherproof temp/RH data loggers has been expanded to include options for soil moisture monitoring. Please view this webinar for an introduction to the new HOBO MX Soil Moisture Data Loggers, the industry’s first fully integrated soil moisture and temperature loggers with convenient Bluetooth wireless communication and data offload.

In this webinar, you’ll get an overview of key features of these low-cost loggers, including:

  • Ready to deploy, with pre-attached sensors and built-in mounting tabs
  • Easy configuration and data offload with the free HOBOconnect app
  • Durable TEROS 10 soil moisture sensor lasts over 10 years in the field
  • For use in both mineral soils and soilless media
  • Sturdy, sharp stainless-steel spikes for easy installation and better soil contact
  • Option to view data in Percent of Field Capacity
  • Ability to add the MX Gateway for monitoring indoor areas, like greenhouses – for remote access to data via cloud-based HOBOlink software

Learn how to use HOBO MX Soil Moisture Data Loggers to save water, improve crop yield and quality, reduce erosion and harmful runoff, better understand the impacts of climate change, enhance irrigation efficiency, and more. If you’re an environmental or agricultural researcher, a grower, or a nursery operator, this webinar is for you!


Getting Started