Low-Cost Monitoring of Stormwater Control Measures Using Water Level Loggers

Dr. Laura Toran of Temple University explains why water level loggers are a useful, low-cost monitoring tool for evaluating performance and examining causes of failure in SCMs. She will share several case studies that use water level loggers to evaluate overflow of basins, compare a traditional storm-pipe trench with an infiltration trench, monitor timing of blue roof storage, show the effects of retrofitting a basin, and provide long-term performance data.

You will learn that:

•             Water level loggers can answer targeted questions about stormwater with less expense than a full water budget

•             Water level data can reveal whether overflow is occurring and can be deployed long term to look for changes in performance

•             Field checks should be made regularly to see if field conditions have changed and to download data

•             Regular data analysis is important to explore findings and make sure time-stamps are correct