• How to Replace the pH Electrode on the HOBO MX2501 pH Logger
    proper method for replacing the pH electrode in an Onset HOBO MX2501 logger
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  • How to Use the Crop Feature in HOBOware Pro
    Learn how to use the Crop feature in HOBOware Pro to edit your displayed data. For more detailed on-line training materials, please go to:
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  • HOBO Waterproof Shuttle Battery Replacement
    Learn the proper way to replace the batteries in your HOBO Waterproof Shuttle, p/n U-DTW-1 For a detailed on-line training course on the Waterproof Shuttle please got to:
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  • How to choose pressure range and cable length for your HOBO MX2001 BLE Water Level Logger
    This video will show you how to determine what model HOBO MX2001 and what direct read cable length you may need for your monitoring application.
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  • How to change a battery in a HOBO Pendant Data Logger
    Learn how to properly replace a battery in a HOBO Pendant Data Logger. Products included are the UA-001-08/64, UA-002-08/64, UA-003-64 and the UA-004-64
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  • What is a file header and what is a force offload?
    Learn what a file header is, what a corrupt header error means and how to use the force offload feature in HOBOware.
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  • HOBOware Pro: Dissolved Oxygen Assistant
    Learn how to post-process your dissolved oxygen Data from your HOBO U26-001 DO logger using HOBOware Pro's Dissolved Oxygen software Data Assistant.
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  • How to delete files from HOBOmobile
    Learn how easy it is to delete MX data files from your mobile device using the HOBOmobile app.
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