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Manually entering SSID and password:

To configure the wireless network:

1) Obtain the SSID (wireless network name) and password from your network administrator. Note the SSID and password are case-sensitive so it's important to verify the exact Wi-Fi network name and password.

2) Connect to the EG41XX interface either over a local area network or directly connected via Ethernet.

3) Navigate to Settings -> WLAN. Locate the Wi-Fi network name (in this example, eGaugeWiFi) and choose "Select." Enter the Wi-Fi network password and press OK.

4) Once connected, the wireless network will appear highlighted in green.

Note about configuring a static IP addess:

The EG41XX normally automatically obtains its IP address and associated information through a service called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). If you cannot or do not wish to run this service on your LAN, the device will default to using IP address, so the device can be accessed as: Your computer’s IP address must be configured to be on the same range as this default address. If another device ends up using the same address, or a static IP address is required, you may configure one from Settings→Network Settings.