Application Stories

  • Preserving Musical Artifacts at the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota
    Museum conservators use data loggers to monitor conditions in galleries and storage facilities housing a diverse collection of musical instruments and artifacts.
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  • Water Level Loggers Help Save Sea Turtle Nests
    Florida State University researchers use HOBO water level data loggers to identify sea turtle nesting areas at high risk of groundwater inundation.
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  • Restoring Coral Reefs at the Island of Koh Tao
    The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program (NHRCP) uses HOBO Pendant data loggers as part of its work to actively restore the coral reefs around the island of Koh Tao.
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  • Three Generations near the Banks of the Bagmati
    HOBO MX2001 Bluetooth Water Level loggers monitor Nepal's Bagmati River and serve as proof-of-concept for citizen-science methods being employed in an effort to improve the area's dwindling water supply.
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  • Logging the Energy Efficiency of Sustainable "Earthship" Homes
    A variety of HOBO data loggers used in the post-occupancy evaluation of sustainable "Earthship" homes.
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  • Onset Temperature Loggers Deployed to Aid River Restoration in Pacific Northwest
    The Freshwater Trust conservation organization is using TidbiT data loggers to help ensure that the wild and scenic rivers of the Pacific Northwest are protected and restored.
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  • Water Level Monitoring Provides Concrete Data for Long-term Wetland Study
    A Minnesota environmental consulting company is monitoring six wetlands to assess any hydrology-related impacts from a nearby residential development under construction.
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  • Monitoring Supports Coastal Environmental Impact Study in South Korea
    South Korean water management agency utilizes data loggers to investigate coastal water impacts from hydroelectric dam discharges.
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