Ashcroft Gauge Pressure Sensor
T-ASH-G2-x00 Ashcroft Gauge Pressure Sensor
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Ashcroft Gauge Pressure Sensor

100, 200 & 500 psig


Product Description 

The Ashcroft Gauge Pressure Sensor provides precision pressure measurements in compressed air systems, water, or other compatible gases and fluids, with an accuracy of ±1% FS from -20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F) and only ±1.5% FS -40° to -20°C and 85° to 125°C (-40° to –4°F and 185° to 257°F).

Requirements for use with specific data loggers:

  • HOBO MX1100 series: a 0-5 Volt DC input cable (SD-VOLT-05) and external power provided by an AC adapter (AC-SENS-1)
  • HOBO U12, UX120-006M or ZW series: a 0-5 Volt DC input cable (CABLE-ADAP5) and external power provided by an AC adapter (AC-SENS-1)
  • HOBO RX3000: an analog input module (RXMOD-A1)
  • HOBO U30: an analog input module (VIA)
  • HOBO H22: an analog input module (S-FS-CVIA)
Highlighted Features 
  • High-performance pressure transducer for industrial applications.
  • 1/4" NPT stainless-steel pressure connection.
  • Available in 3 ranges: 100, 200 & 500 psig

In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in indoor and outdoor environments.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The T-ASH-G2-x00 sensor supports the following measurement: Gauge Pressure

The country of origin for this product is the United States. To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available.

Measurement ranges: 100, 200, 500 psig
Compensated temp range: -40° to 125°C (-40° to 257°F)
     ±1% FS from -20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F)
     ±1.5% FS -40° to -20°C and 85° to 125°C (-40° to –4°F and 185° to 257°F)
Non-linearity: less than ±0.1% of span typical
Non-repeatability: less than ±0.03% of span typical
Hysteresis: less than ±0.01 of span typical
Stability: less than ±0.25% of span/year
Durability: tested to 50 million cycles
Overpressure: 200% FS
Response time: less than 1 msec
Power: 9-36 VDC, 5mA
Operating temp range: -40° to 125°C (-40° to 257°F)
Operating humidity range: 0 to 100% RH, no effect
Output signal to FlexSmart module: 0-5 VDC, 3 wire
Insulation breakdown voltage: 100 VAC
Insulation resistance: greater than 100 megohms at 100 VDC
Construction: Shielded cable, 24 AWG, PVC jacket, 1-meter
Pressure connection: 1/4” NPT 304 stainless steel
Sensor material: 17-4PH stainless steel
Housing material: 20% glass reinforced nylon, fire retardant to UL94 V1
CE compliance: Per EN 61326: 1997 + A1: 1998 + A2: 2001, Annex A (Heavy Industrial)
Dimensions: 2.9 cm diameter x 6.4 cm long (1.15 in. diameter x 2.5 in. long)
Outer cable diameter dimension: 0.21 in. (5.4-mm)
Weight: 89.4g (3.15oz)
Number of data channels: 1
Environmental Rating: IP 66

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