Tattletale Model 8v2 OEM/Tattletale
TT8v2 Tattletale Model 8v2 OEM/Tattletale
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Part # TT8v2

Tattletale Model 8v2 OEM/Tattletale




Choose the Tattletale Model 8v2 for embedded applications that require extraordinarily fast sampling rates, extensive control functions and sophisticated computational capability The Model 8v2’s powerful 68332 processor operates at clock rates dynamically adjustable from 160KHz to 16MHz to let your logger idle at low power then rip through calculations on demand. The built-in Time Processor Unit controls two timers and sixteen I/O lines, each individually programmable for discrete I/O; frequency, period or pulse width counting/measurement; stepper/servo motor control; or auxiliary UARTs. For needs beyond the onboard 256K/RAM, 256K/Flash and 8 channel, 12-bit, 100KHz A-D, Model 8v2 offers stackable Pin and Socket Bus Expansion, QSPI and Flash memory card expansion

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