1.5 meter mast
M-MPB 1.5 meter mast
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Part # M-MPB

1.5 meter mast




The 1.5-meter mast is ideal for mounting HOBO weather station loggers and sensors, and HOBO data logging rain gauges. It can be driven into the ground, mounted in concrete, or attached to a structure.

Data Loggers
Web-based Monitoring Systems - via remote communication
RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger
MicroRX Station
MicroRX Water Level Station
USB Data Loggers - requires external sensor(s)
USB Micro Station Data Logger
Additional Compatible Products
HOBO Weather Station 3-Meter Tripod Kit Kit
HOBO Weather Station 2-Meter Tripod Kit Kit
0.01" Rain Gauge (2m cable) Smart Sensor
0.2 mm Rainfall (2m cable) Smart Sensor
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