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  • KIT-U10-001

HOBO Temperature Logger Kit

Part # KIT-U10-001
This product is discontinued


Reduce energy costs by easily doing your own energy audit. The HOBO Temperature Logger Kit is a complete solution, so you can automatically track room temperatures around the clock in your home of office. Use the HOBO Temperature Logger Kit to get a detailed, visual profile of heat or AC activity. Take control of your energy usage.

Logger Kit Components

  1. HOBO temperature data logger
  2. HOBOware software
  3. USB interface cable
  4. Logger Kit Quick Start Guide

Ideas for using the HOBO Temperature Logger Kit:

  • Fine tune thermostat settings
  • Check refrigerator temperature
  • Check hot water heater for heat loss
  • Balance room-to-room temperatures
  • Track attic temperatures

Watch our demo, "Using the HOBO: 5 Easy Steps."

In what environment does this operate?

This operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this support?

The supports the following measurement: Temperature

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