Voltage Input Lead Set
A-WNB-LEADSET Voltage Input Lead Set
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Voltage Input Lead Set




A voltage lead set with alligator clips that is used to wire a WattNode terminal block connected to a WattNode KWH transducer and the voltage terminals in a circuit breaker panel.

  • Prewired to WattNode terminal block
  • Precludes mis-wiring to KWH transducer
  • No need for user to choose and supply own wiring
  • Safety and convenience

In what environment does this cable operate?

This cable operates in an indoor environment.

The country of origin for this product is the United States.

Colors (cables and clips): Black, blue, green, red, white
Alligator clips: Insulated nickel plated brass, sheathed banana plug receptacle
Cable length: 5 feet
Suitability: Single phase circuits 120-277vac, and three phase circuits 208-480vac.
Temperature rating: -25 C to 80 C
Electrical rating: IEC 61010-031 @ 1,000V CAT II , 600V CAT III P2

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