HOBO J,K,S,T Thermocouple Data Logger
U12-014 HOBO J,K,S,T Thermocouple Data Logger
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HOBO J,K,S,T Thermocouple Data Logger


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Product Description 

The HOBO U12 J, K, S, T Thermocouple data logger provides exceptional measurement flexibility by accepting J, K, S, or T thermocouple probes. An internal thermistor monitors and records ambient temperature for cold-junction compensation, for maximum accuracy.

Highlighted Features 
  • High-accuracy J, K, S, T thermocouple recordings
  • Automatic cold-junction compensation
  • Accepts subminiature thermocouple connectors
  • Direct USB interface

In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this data logger support?

The U12-014 data logger supports the following measurement: Temperature

The country of origin for this product is the United States. To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available.

Measurement range:
J type: 0 to 750 °C (32° to 1382°F)
K type: 0 to 1250 °C (32° to 2282°F)
S type: -50 to 1760 °C (-58° to 3200°F)
T type: -200 to 100 °C (-328° to 212°F)
U12-014 Plot A Internal temperature: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)

J type: +/- 2.5°C or 0.5% of reading, whichever is greater
K type: +/- 4.0°C or 0.5% of reading, whichever is greater
S type: +/- 6.0°C or 0.5% of reading, whichever is greater
T type: ±1.5°C (±2.7°F)
Internal temperature: ± 0.35°C (± 0.63°F), see Plot A (All accuracies specified for battery voltage ≥ 2.80 V)

J type: 0.21°C at 375°C (0.38°F at 707°F)
K type: 0.32°C at 625°C (0.58°F at 1157°F)
S type: 0.44°C at 855°C (0.79°F at 1571°F)
T type: 0.10°C at -50°C (0.18°F at -58°F)
U12-014 Plot B Internal temperature: 0.03°C at 25°C (0.05°F at 77°F), see Plot A

Drift: Internal temperature 0.1°C/year (0.2°F/year)

Humidity range: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Time accuracy: ± 1 minute per month at 25°C (77°F), see Plot B

Operating temperature:
Logging: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F); 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Launch/readout: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F), per USB specification

Battery life: 1 year typical use

Memory: 64K bytes (43,000 12-bit measurements)

Weight 46 g (1.6 oz)

Dimensions 58 x 74 x 22 mm (2.3 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches)

The CE Marking identifies this product as complying with all relevant directives in the European Union (EU).

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The TCP6-K12 Type K thermocouple probe can measure up to 900°C (1650°F) when connect to the UX100 thermocouple logger. The TCP6-K12 stainless-steel probe is 30cm (12") in length, 0.5cm (3/16”) in diameter and is mounted on a 2.5cm (1") handle with spring-type strain relief. The 1.8m (6 foot) 19-AWG cable meets ANSI specifications, complete with isolated thermocouple color-coded for type K (yellow) thermocouples.

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The HOBO UX100-014M Single Channel Thermocouple data logger records temperature in indoor environments with thermocouple sensors (sold separately). Designed for a broad range of monitoring applications – from industrial process monitoring to concrete maturity testing – the logger provides exceptional flexibility by accepting J, K, T, E, R, S, B or N type thermocouple probes.

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In addition to accepting four thermocouple probes, the data logger features an internal temperature sensor for logging ambient temperatures, further extending the range of application possibilities.

Onset also offers a single-channel thermocouple data logger, the HOBO UX100-014M.  

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