Conductivity/Salinity Data Loggers

Essential for the health of the general population and sensitive environmental ecosystems, the importance of good water quality cannot be overstated. Onset offers rugged, cost-effective conductivity and salinity data loggers to monitor water quality:

  • Two models to choose from for fresh and salt water deployments
  • Non-contact sensor provides long life
  • Provides easy access to sensor for cleaning and
    shedding air bubbles
  • HOBOware Pro software enables start/end-point
    calibration to compensate for any fouling and provides
    easy conversion to specific conductance and salinity

    The HOBO U24-002-C is a cost-effective data logger for measuring salinity, conductivity and temperature in saltwater environments with relatively small changes in salinity (±5,000 μS/cm) such as saltwater bays, or to detect salinity events such as upwelling, rainstorm, and discharge events. Data from the logger can be used with data from the HOBO U26 Dissolved Oxygen Logger for monitoring percent dissolved oxygen saturation.

    Note: When monitoring salinity in waters with more than ±5,000 uS/cm variation, refer to the accuracy shown in Plot C in the product specifications to determine if the accuracy is acceptable for your needs. Monthly field calibration readings are typically required to achieve the best accuracy.

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    This high-accuracy conductivity data logger is a cost-effective way to collect water quality data. The HOBO U24 measures and records both conductivity and temperatures in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources. This logger is recommended for monitoring aquifers for saltwater intrusion and road and agricultural runoff. This product's open access to its sensor simplifies cleaning and maintenance. The HOBO U24's non-contact sensor minimizes measurement errors related to drift. In addition, the logger features software-based drift compensation. 

    The HOBO U24 Conductivity data logger features a non-contact sensor with a Titanium Pentoxide coating. This coating prevents the sensor from coming in contact with the water, which in turn prevents tarnishing or corrosion associated with traditional electrode sensors. This sensor coating is also inert, enabling fouling to be easily wiped off the sensor.
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