Soil Moisture Data Loggers & Sensors (+Soil Water Potential +Soil Temperature)

Onset’s offering of research-grade weather stations and compatible Smart sensors for accurate measurement of moisture in soil, without any programming or extensive user setup.


    The HOBOnet T21 is a wireless sensor that works with the HOBOnet system to measure both soil temperature and soil water potential, a more accurate way to measure how much water is available to plants. The HOBOnet T21 Sensor is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and it does not require calibration for different soil types or salinity. The HOBOnet T21 is calibrated in a chamber system that allows the T21 set calibration points from -10KPa to -80KPa. With its durable epoxy coating, you can be confident these sensors can be deployed in the ground for long periods, while providing data you can trust.

    The HOBOnet system is a cost-effective and scalable option for web-enabled monitoring of field conditions for applications such as crop management, research, and greenhouse operations. And because it’s wireless, you can deploy a network of sensors to easily monitor multiple points with a single system, while avoiding the risk of long cables that can interfere with field operations and are potentially vulnerable to nearby lightning strikes. Sensors are easily linked to the network, and data can be accessed through HOBOlink®, Onset's innovative cloud-based software platform.

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