Rainfall Data Loggers & Sensors (+Event +Outdoor +Indoor)

Onset offers a range of products for measuring rainfall, from award-winning weather stations to low-cost Davis Instruments sensors that offer the same ease-of-use as all of our “plug-and-play” Smart sensors.


    Optical Interface for data transfer

    Accurately measure rainfall with the HOBO Pendant Event Data Logger. Determine rainfall rates, times, and duration after deployment with most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges. Efficiently gather and store momentary contact events and temperature data. Additionally, gain access to detailed event data. Event data is only stored when it happens for better memory usage. Use a solar radiation shield for accurate temperature measurement in sunlight applications. See RS1 Solar Radiation Shield (assembly required) and M-RSA (pre-assembled) Solar Radiation Shield.

    Externally Mounted pendant event logger

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