Setup Charge for NIST Traceable Certification
NIST-SETUP Setup Charge for NIST Traceable Certification
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Setup Charge for NIST Traceable Certification

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Important Info

NIST testing usually takes between 1-2 weeks.



Temperature point certification charge on a per-logger basis.

(download sample certificate - PDF)

This service provides testing and certification of Onset temperature data loggers' accuracy using standards traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). For each logger certified, a certificate is provided showing the logger's temperature accuracy versus a NIST traceable standard. Certification is available for all standard Onset temperature data loggers, including both new data logger purchases and data loggers already owned.

Temperature points used for certification are user-selected and can be specified in 1°C increments from -30°C to +120°C. The actual points used for certification will be ±0.25°C. Certification is also available for multi-channel data loggers, however only for the temperature channels.

  • Flexible Ordering
    • Onset's NIST certification service allows you to choose the temperature points to be tested. Temperature points chosen must be within the operating temperature range of the data logger(s). For each temperature data logger to be certified, order the following:
      • Order one NIST Traceable Setup (NIST-SETUP).
      • Multiply the number of temperature points times the number of channels on the logger to be certified, and order this many NIST-TEMP-POINTS.
      • For example, an order for a 3-point NIST certification for a HOBO Temp at -10°C, +20°C, and +60°C, would include:
        • 1 x NIST-SETUP set-up charge @ $35
        • 3 x NIST-TEMP-POINT (for 3 points times 1 channel) @ $35 each = $105
        • Total Cost: $140
  • Certifying Data Loggers You Already Own
    • NIST traceable certification is also available for Onset temperature data loggers you already own at the same price as for new data loggers. Before returning a data logger for certification, please contact Onset's Technical Support Department for a Service Request Order (SRO) number. Onset can only accept data loggers that have a valid SRO number.
  • Certification of Compliance Also Available
    • This certification states that the individual data logger is in compliance with its specification as described in its product manual and has passed all applicable test.


The country of origin for this product is the United States.

(download sample certificate - PDF)

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