Protective enclosure
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CASE-4X-2 Protective enclosure
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Part # CASE-4X-2

Protective enclosure

Important Info

This item requires a Phillips screwdriver, a HOBO 4-Channel Thermocouple Logger (UX120-014M), and up to 4 thermocouples (TC6-K, TC6-J, or TC6-T)


Onset's NEMA 4X weather-resistant enclosure for mounting the HOBO UX120-014M data logger in wet, dusty, or condensing environments.  It is intended for short deployments where additional protection is needed.

  • 4 mounting brackets and screws
  • 2 grommet assemblies
  • 1 dome plug
  • Logger removal tool
  • Desiccant


In what environment does this cases/enclosure operate?

This cases/enclosure operates in indoor and outdoor environments.

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