Water Level Sensor Cable for RX2100
CABLE-RWL Water Level Sensor Cable for RX2100
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Water Level Sensor Cable for RX2100


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The water level sensor cable provides the connection between the HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station (RX2100-WL) and the water level sensor. Cables can be ordered in lengths from 1 meter to 400 meters for deployment in a wide range of applications. The 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60-meter cable lengths are standard and typically in stock. Custom cable lengths require a lead time of one to two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom cables are ineligible for return.

  • Interchangeable Kevlar-reinforced cable can be used to suspend sensor
  • Provides sensor communication and power
  • Integrated strain relief provides support for long cables
  • Two O-rings in the water level sensor connector ensure a long-term waterproof seal
  • Cables are easy to attach or change

In what environment does this cable operate?

This cable operates in outdoor and water environments.

What measurements does this cable support?

The CABLE-RWL cable supports the following measurement: Water Level

    • Water level cable
    • Two mounting screws
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The MX2001-S Water Level Sensor is used with the HOBO Bluetooth Low Energy Water Level Data Logger (MX2001), the HOBO MicroRX Water Level Stations (RX2103 and RX2104), and the HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station for accurate water pressure, temperature, and water level measurements. These sensors are available in four depth ranges, as well as in stainless steel or titanium (recommended for use in saltwater).

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The award-winning HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station is a cellular, web-enabled water level monitoring solution for stormwater, floodwater, irrigation, hydrologic, and environmental applications. Pre-programmed water flow formulas for select weirs, flumes, and a stage discharge table result in an easy and intuitive configuration.

New water flow and accumulated rainfall calculations, which are performed directly on the station at time of measurement, trigger immediate notifications of critical water level conditions.

The compact and durable station, together with the non-vented water level sensor, enables harsh condition deployments and reliable monitoring. The optional integrated solar panel or battery power, with a wide range of plug-and-play smart sensors, supports flexible environmental monitoring.


This locking well cap provides a convenient way to suspend HOBO MicroRX Water Level sensor cables in a well, and provides strain relief (especially important for long cables).

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