MX2500 Anti-Biofouling Copper Guard
MX2500-GUARD MX2500 Anti-Biofouling Copper Guard
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Part # MX2500-GUARD

MX2500 Anti-Biofouling Copper Guard




The Anti-Biofouling Copper Guard can be used in addition to the standard electrode guard for protection against biofouling during deployment. The anti-biofouling guard uses copper to reduce biofouling, while still allowing proper water flow to the sensor.

Copper protects the logger by interacting with the chemistry of the water in which it is deployed. This reaction is an oxidation-reduction reaction that produces a patina. The patina depends on what specific chemistry is present, as well as depth, temperature, etc.

The patina should not affect the ability of the guard to protect the logger; however, if the logger is conspicuously gaining more fouling, it may be time to replace the guard. The guards' ability to protect the logger relies on the copper getting consumed.

Data Loggers
Data Logger(s)
pH and Temperature Data Logger
Replacement Parts
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MX2500 End Cap
MX2500 Calibration Beaker
pH Calibration Solutions (475 mL ea.)
MX2500 Electrode Storage Solution (475 mL)
MX2500 Calibration Kit (Calibration Beaker and 4, 7, 10 Buffers)
MX2500 Maintenance Kit (Calibration Kit and Electrode Storage Solution)
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