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    The HOBO Weather Station Starter Kit combines our most rugged data logging weather station with out-of-the-box convenience.

    The U30/NRC accepts up to 10 plug-and-play Smart Sensors. Just plug in your sensor and it’s automatically recognized – no programming, wiring or calibration necessary. With this kit you can measure temperature, relative humidity, wind speed/direction. Simply select the HOBO Weather Station starter system and your choice of either a 2-Meter or 3-Meter Tripod Kit and go!

    Software ordered separately. Compatible with HOBOware and HOBOware Pro software for logger setup, graphing and analysis. 

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    The HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System is the ideal tool for measuring the performance of intensive and extensive green roofs. Offering reliable, research-grade performance, the web-based system enables users to monitor green roof conditions, measure stormwater runoff, improve irrigation scheduling, and maintain healthy rooftop vegetation.


    • Two S-RGB-M002 rain gauges
    • Two S-SMC-M005 soil moisture smart sensors
    • Two S-TMB-M002 soil temperature smart sensors
    • S-LIB-M-003 solar radiation smart sensor
    • M-LBB light sensor bracket
    • M-LLA light sensor level
    • S-THB-M002 air temperature/humidity sensor
    • RS3-B solar radiation shield
    • S-WSET-B wind speed and direction sensor set
    • M-CAA full cross arm
    • RX3003 remote monitoring system 
    • SOLAR-5W solar panel
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    The HOBO Wireless Temperature/Relative Humidity Monitoring Kit makes environmental monitoring fast, cost-effective, and convenient. Monitor critical conditions in real time, log data for trend analysis, and stay notified of alarm conditions via text or email – all without the hassles of wires or manual data offload.

    The kit provides convenient options for accessing your data, and includes everything you need to get set up in minutes.

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    The HOBO RX3000 Weather Station Starter Kit provides instant access to site-specific air temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed/direction data anywhere, anytime on your desktop or mobile device.

    The RX3000 accepts up to 10 plug-and-play Smart Sensors. Just plug in your sensor and it’s automatically recognized – no programming, wiring, or calibration necessary.

    This weather station kit includes a one-year cellular data plan plus cloud-based data access through HOBOlink – for 24/7 access to your data and the ability to verify RX3000 system status, set up and manage alarm notifications, and schedule automated delivery of data.

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