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    Onset offers testing and certification of HOBO data logger and sensor RH (relative humidity) accuracy using standards traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This includes single-point (50% RH @ 25C) or three-point (25, 50, 75% RH @ 25C) NIST certification. For each data logger certified, a certificate is provided showing the device’s RH and temperature accuracy vs. a NIST traceable standard. Certification is available for all currently manufactured Onset data loggers and sensors. 

    NOTE: The temperature value used for RH certification is fixed at 25C and verified against a NIST-traceable 200-ohm platinum RTD (resistance temperature detector). If additional temperature certification is required at temperature values other than 25C, Onset’s temperature NIST certification services must also be performed. Onset’s temperature NIST services offer certification in an oil-bath for user-selectable temperature points between -30 and 120C. If custom temperature points are desired additional cost and lead time will apply.

    Onset also offers NIST temperature certification, learn more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I request RH NIST Certification for an existing logger that I already own?
    A: Yes, please fill out our technical support form for further instructions. 

    Q: Can I request RH NIST Certification for loggers no longer in production (like the H08 loggers)?
    A: Only Onset data loggers and sensors that are currently in production are available for RH NIST Certification

    Q: Does Onset RH NIST-certify data loggers made by other manufacturers?
    A: No, only currently-manufactured Onset data loggers and sensors are supported.

    Q: Will I get as-found data as part of this service?
    A: Onset data logger products and sensors are not adjustable to correct for drift over time. If your logger or sensor is found to be within acceptable RH limits the RH test data will be included on your certification report. If your logger or sensor is found to be out of tolerance you will be contacted by Onset Technical Support with a copy of your as-found data and offer options for repair or replacement.

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