HOBO MX1100 Bluetooth Series Data Loggers

HOBO MX1100 Series
Data Loggers

Convenient wireless setup and easy
data offload to your mobile device!

Onset's Bluetooth-enabled HOBO MX1100 series data loggers monitor a wide range of indoor conditions, including temperature, relative humidity, CO2, light intensity, and more - making data collection more accessible and convenient!

Key Advantages:

  • Convenient wireless setup and easy data offload via Buetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
  • Highly-accurate measurements and large memory
  • Fast deployment using optional Self-Describing (SD) sensors with automatic configuration (HOBO MX1104/5 only)
  • Compatible with a variety of sensors, for a wide range of measurements
  • Option to add the MX Gateway for near real-time, remote access to data in cloud-based HOBOlink software



HOBO  Data Logger
$135 USD
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Carbon Dioxide/Temp/RH

HOBO  Data Logger
$595 USD
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HOBO  Data Logger
$185 USD
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4-Channel Analog

HOBO  Data Logger
$185 USD
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Easy Data Download

Ideal for limited-access areas

Your mobile device with Onset's free HOBOconnect app is all you need to configure, manage, and download data from MX1100 loggers within a 100-foot range - without ever coming into physical contact with the logger. Perfect for monitoring: 

  • Multi-family buildings
  • Cold storage and warehouses
  • Museums and galleries
  • Office buildings
  • Restricted areas
  • Data centers

Integrated Sensor Measurements

Relative Humidity
Carbon Dioxide
Light Intensity

External Sensor Measurements

AC Current*
AC Voltage
DC Current
DC Voltage*
Absolute Pressure
Air Velocity
Compressed Air Flow
Differential Pressure
Gauge Pressue
4-20 mA*
*SD Sensors Available

Cloud Access to Your Data

HOBO MX1100 series data loggers are compatible with the MX Gateway to transmit near real-time data to Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software, giving you access to your data anytime, anywhere.

  • Remotely view and analyze data from your HOBO MX1100 data loggers
  • Easily configure alarms
  • Create custom dashboards for data visualization
  • Export data or set automated data delivery
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HOBO MX1100 Series Data Loggers



HOBO  Data Logger HOBO  Data Logger HOBO  Data Logger HOBO  Data Logger
Part number MX1101 MX1102A MX1104 MX1105
Price USD
$135 USD
$595 USD
$185 USD
$185 USD
Measurement Temp/RH CO2/Temp/RH Analog/Temp/RH/Light 4-Channel Analog
Data Offload Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE) or USB Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE)

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