Measuring Temp/RH with the MX1101 Data Logger

HOBO Temperature & Relative Humidity Logger for Mobile Devices.

Save Time & Money


HOBO® MX1101 Data Logger

Get your Bluetooth® Low Energy temp/RH logger now. Only $135 USD!

The new HOBO MX1101 Temperature Data Logger is Onset’s first data logger that measures and transmits temp/RH data to mobile devices wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It works with our free HOBOmobile® app for iOS or Android, making it a snap to configure and manage your data right from your mobile phone or tablet! This product, additionally, is a 2015 Money-Saving Product winner

  • Bluetooth Low Energy enabled for your mobile phone or tablet
  • Works with Onset’s free HOBOmobile app for iOS or Android
  • Remotely access your data in Onset's cloud-based HOBOlink software with the new MX Gateway
  • Download data any time from 100 ft. away
  • Set real-time alerts for temp/RH variations
  • Easily share data with other apps
  • Patented connectivity technology

Easy Data Download

Ideal for limited-access areas

Configure and manage temperature/RH data over a 100-foot range without ever coming into physical contact with the MX1101 logger.

  • Multi-family buildings
  • Cold storage and warehouses
  • Museums and galleries
  • Office buildings
  • Restricted areas
  • Data centers

Cloud Access to Your Data

The MX Gateway works with Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software, giving you powerful web-based access to your data.

  • View and manage data from all MX HOBO data loggers connected to your MX Gateway
  • Easily configure alarms such as out-of-range measurements, low-battery warnings, and more
  • Create custom dashboards for data visualization
  • Export data or set automated data delivery
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